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Stable Isotope Enrichment


Lithium Isotope Enrichment

Enriched lithium isotopes have important uses in nuclear power.  

  • Li-7 is relatively transparent to neutrons.  As a hydroxide it is necessary in small quantities to stabilize the pH in pressurized water reactor cooling systems.  As a fluroide it could be in great demand for molten salt reactors

  • Li-6  undergoes fussion to yield tritium and helium.  It has been the main source of tritium for thermonuclear weapons and will be important in the production of tritium for fusion nuclear power in the future.


Chlorine Isotope Enrichment

Chlorine salts are used in fast breeder molten salt reactors.  The heavier Cl-37 is desirable in these applications because when Cl-35 absorbs a neutron to form Cl-36 it decays to S-36.   

Production on Demand

Molten Salt Solutions is developing enrichment systems isotopes that are important to reactor salts

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